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East-West Rail

The Consultation period has ended - the Parish Council will be posting more about this in the coming weeks - read more here

Schoolroom Community Cafe

Activities to open the Community Cafe continue apace - it is hoped it will be open by early October - read more here

The Club

The Club is now open 2 nights a week - see more here

Toft Village Hall

The Village Hall will be holding an Open Day on 16th October which will highlight all the events that happen in the Hall.

Next Events

Toft Social Club

21-Oct-21TSC Bingo

Bingo continues! Earlier than normal this month due to half-term!

23-Oct-21While & Matthews In Concert

04-Nov-21TSC Quiz

The monthly TSC Quiz

Toft Film Club

16-Oct-21Film Night

Details to follow

13-Nov-21Film Night

Details to follow

18-Dec-21Film Night

Details to follow

Toft Parish Council

01-Nov-21Toft Parish Council

Toft Peoples Hall

16-Oct-21Hall Open Day

The Village Hall is holding an Open Day here all village groups and societies will be making themselves known to the residents.

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