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The Speedwatch team will operate at any time of day in order to determine when and where a problem exists with speeding.

The Speedwatch operating team consists of 3 volunteers. The equipment will be set up anywhere within the village and is mounted on a tripod and monitors the speed of all passing traffic (see photo).

The team record the total number of vehicles that pass during the monitoring period. The equipment will display the speed of any vehicle exceeding 34mph. The team record the speed, make, model and colour of the speeding vehicle. The team do not stop or have any contact with the speeding vehicle or driver.

At the end of the monitoring session, the log sheets with total number of vehicles and details of any speeding vehicles are sent to Cambridgeshire Police. The Police will write an advisory letter to the registered owner advising them that the vehicle was exceeding the speed limit, along with the date, time and location. In the case of persistent offenders, the police may choose to visit the registered owner.

Any abuse or threatening behaviour to the team is reported to the Police, along with vehicle details of those involved. The Police are fully supportive of the Speedwatch initiative and will treat such behaviour seriously.

The equipment used is the Minivisor 230V AS marketed by Radarlux.

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