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We are looking for more volunteers to get involved - please contact the Parish Council for more information

Speedwatch is run by Cambridgeshire Police alongside the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Road Safety Partnership. To quote "It is about educating motorists in the law in relation to speeding and monitoring any trends in speeding in neighbourhoods."

"Volunteers are trained to use a speed indicator device which displays vehicle speed. The registered owner of any vehicle seen exceeding the speed limit is sent an advisory letter from their local neighbourhood policing team, explaining that speeding is unacceptable to the local community. No prosecutions come from this process – it is about educating drivers."

Speedwatch is being deployed in Toft from late November onwards - we have 3 volunteers in the group and are keen to encourage others to join. The reason the village has got involved in the Speedwatch programme is the feedback obtained from the Parish Plan questionnaire. One of the chief concerns raised by the people of Toft in the questionnaire was about the speed of traffic through the village. In fact 72% of all respondents stated that they felt it was a problem. In addition to this, 40% of respondents said that the single thing they would like to improve about Toft would be a reduction of speed of traffic in the village.

By utilising the Speedwatch monitoring equipment, we can check statisitcally when and where the problems are - this will allow the local police to then target these bad times / locations. Some important facts:

  • Speedwatch only operates in built-up areas, ie in 30 and 40mph limits
  • Speedwatch is about education, not prosecution
  • The Speedwatch group log the total number of cars during a check, and notify the police of this along with the registration number and car details of any vehicle exceeding the speed limit. Read more here
  • The equipment is set to display the speed of anyone exceeding 34mph - a 10% leeway on the speed limit in Toft.
  • Cambridgeshire Police will write to any speeding motorists.
  • The Speedwatch equipment is mounted on a tripod and so captures the speed of all passing vehicles - it is not targetted at any one individual.

Latest results

Sessions undertaken: 11
Total vehicles logged: 1855

Number exceeding 33mph (the speed at which the sensor triggers): 499 (26.9%).

Number doing 37mph or above: 214 (11.5%).

Number doing 40mph or above: 81 (4.4%)

The fastest logged speed: 56mph on 10-Mar-2011

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